”Go behind the scenes in Italy at Erick Blu’s brand new music video shoot for took the words (remix)” [Coming Soon To Vevo]






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Took The Words (BBC Radio 1 Review)


Erick Blu – Took The Words ft. Robyn Regan & Borkung Hrangkhawl

For those of you who also enjoy a bit of the more mainstream electronica sounds, you will certainly love this pop blend from New York-based artist, Erick Blu, with his latest release, “Took The Words.”

Featuring Robyn Regan & Borkung Hrangkhawl, “Took The Words” is an emotional and uplifting pop tune that will have you hitting repeat and singing along in no time. With a smooth, chill trap style instrumental layered with guitar strumming and powerful vocal performances, “Took The Words” has every element needed to be a sure hit, uniting a laidback vibe with enough energy to groove to. Be sure to stream this crossover gem here, or on your favorite platform, and sing loud!


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Erick Blu – Took the Words (feat. Robyn Regan & Borkung Hrangkhawl) OUT NOW!


”Took The Words” is a love pop anthem that is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. It definitely is a great international collaboration of artists, from US, UK & India. The music altogether covers a great buoyant sound, and with bouncy beats, this is a great atmospheric song and will make you fall in love over and over again.

Track is out now worldwide :

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Victorious Music Video is now live Worldwide!

Erick Blu – Victorious (Ansimatik Remix) (Official Dance Anthem)

#VictoriousVideo is now live Worldwide! Shot in Europe, this song is also being played by UK’s Capitol FM who called it a ‘’A Fresh Tropical Ballad!’’ 

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Note from Erick Blu

‘Victorious’ is more than just a song, its an anthem that in life you can reach highest peaks as long as you have passion, courage and persistence. Life is about being inspired by the good around us, have fun, work hard and be able to reach the stars. People usually say that you can’t make it to the stars because its too arduous or not realistic, I say we can and we will and ‘’Victorious’’ is the exhibit that you can. My journey in music as an artist was not as smooth as it seems here, believe me on this one, there were a lot of ups and downs, disappointments, unexpected turnarounds and uncertainty. There used to be days when I used to look up to the sky and wonder will my music ever reach wide and far, to lift people up and encourage those in despair. Irrespective of all the challenges, we don’t give up and we keep working. For several years I tried to get a record deal, I lived in Los Angeles, there to New Delhi, then I moved to New York looking for better prospects. I attended countless events, played gigs, waited outside offices of music executives with my records, but not one seemed inclined to sign me.

But that didn’t pull me down, instead, it intensified my passion and my willingness to work even harder to achieve my goals. And here we are, I am delighted to say that my team and I made this entire project happen independently, without the involvement of any major record label or publisher. I want you guys keep aiming big and keep believing in yourself. No matter what happens in life, you must keep moving forward and one day you will make it! YOU WILL. 
I hope you rejoice in the song and remember that we’ll be victory… victory… VICTORIOUS!! – Erick x

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